Female cat (3 years old) and Kitten (3 weeks old)...

by Chance

We have a kitten that was abandoned that we are raising. She is about 3 weeks old and currently has an upper respiratory infection that we have medicine for and are treating her with. The female cat we have had since she was a kitten also. The older one hasn't had any interest in the kitten for the week that we have had it, until it got sick and now she is meowing at it, biting it softly and licking it. She constantly meows at the little kitten and doesn't want to be away from her.

Why is she acting this way?

Answer by KAte
Aw this is cute she is feeling protective towards the kitten as she can sense that it is not well. her behavior is normal for a mother cat to towards their kitten, trying to comfort it.

i wouldn't worry at all, even the little bites will not be hard ones at all.

best wishes Kate

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