Kitten drinking issues perhaps?

by Christie
(Portland, Oregon)

Just adopted a 7 mo kitten today, he was neutered 2 days ago. He is extremely playful. Our two boys are in love, they are 3 and 4 years old. It was an hour drive back from the Humane society and he has now been home for about 3 hours. I have yet to see him drink water. He may have urinated. Has nibbled some food. I thought that cats drank alot during the day, he would rather play!


He panted alot and had his mouth wide open. Got him to calm down and is now sleeping.

Is this normal behavior? When can I expect him to drink and defecate more? Is he just nervous being in a new home? He has absolutely no problems with the boys, in fact he loves looking for them so they can play toys with him.

Answer by Kate
No don't worry, he needs time to settle in. If you are feeding him wet food he will get some the moisture he needs from that. If you feed him dry food this will encourage him to drink more water.

Give him a day or so and I'm sure he will start to drink normally. Some cats don't drink much (depending on what they eat) whilst others like to drink more often.

best wishes Kate

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