My Cat keeps returning to our old house

by Maria
(Dalyan Turkey )

Just recently my male cat Olley who is 3 years old and was netured over 2 years ago keeps returning to old house area. We moved over 5 months ago and he has always gone out but returned when he hers us returning home. 2 weeks ago he went missing for 2 days I roamed to streets calling him - there was no sign so me and my partner went to our old house and calld him he came straightaway so there was the 3 of us on the motorbike. We live in Dalyan Turkey so no traffic natural surroundings etc. Our old house is just 10 minutes walk from our new home. 2 days ago he was gone again so last night we went straight to the other house and the same procedure happened again. I dont understand why he is doing this he is so spoilt and loved and our other stray we have had for over 1 year so no problem there. There are other street cats around which come onto our balcony could this be why. He seems happy enough but I dont want this to be a regular thing and I would hate for him not to be happy.

Answer by Kate
well this is difficult as you live so near to your old property. he obviously still associates his old territory as home.

All I can suggest is that you keep in inside your new home for a period of time to try and re-associate this new home as his new territory. perhaps a periods of a couple of weeks will help. During this time it is essential that he enjoys his new home so give him some new toys and things to keep him amused and happy.

Hopefully after this time he will be more attached to the new home.

i wouldn't worry about him not being happy etc, this is purely instinct and he has not yet established strong bonds to the new house thats all.

best wishes Kate

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