My cat lost part of her tail.

by Jennifer

My cat Ookii is a five year old female and my two year old daughter accidentally banged the cat's tail (about halfway up) in the bedroom door. The cat lost some fur but didn't bleed or anything so I assumed it was fine. After about two weeks it had scabbed over and the cat started to bite at the scab so I went to take a look at it and it fell off. The cat is now missing about a two inch strip of fur around the "new" tip, I called my local vet and they said this wasn't uncommon for a tail injury. The skin is now healed and is no longer red or scabby but I was wondering if you had ever come across something like this before and if the missing fur will ever grow back.

Answer from Kate
No if she has actually lost part of her tail then this won't grow back. However if it is just skin and fur then this should heal.

I must admit i have never heard of a part of the tail simply dropping off as it would be very painful unless it was the very tip. But then again I am not a vet and so could not say for sure.

Anyway losing a part f her tail will not affect her and she will till be able to live a normal kitty life. :)

best wshes kate

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