My neutered cat humps my arm!

by Nancy
(Kenton, OH, USA)

I have a male neutered cat, Buster. He was neutered at the age of 6 months ASAP because he was jumping on the backs of my other cats (all spayed and neutered). He was also humping my arm when I layed in bed. First he made a half growl-screaming noise. He grabbed the skin on the back of my hand and positioned his legs on each side of my arm, lowered his backside and I could actually feel his penis. I would withdraw my arm and didn't hit him. I didn't want him associating my hand with hitting. I live alone and he doesn't have to compete for attention with other humans. I do have 3 other cats inside the house. He is the youngest cat I have.

I thought after he was neutered, he would stop the humping behavior. He has stopped annoying the other cats but still plays and wrestles. They put him in his place or run away when he is annoying. He is now 9 months old. Most of the time he sleeps right beside my left shoulder. In addition, he was abandoned at 3 wks. and I bottle fed him until he was 7 weeks when he started to drink formula and eat soft food from a bowl. Before he goes to sleep, he curls in a ball beside me and sucks on his front legs (making a slurping noise.)

He still is trying to hump my arm. I thought this behavior would completely disappear but it has not. He still makes the screaming noise (as if irritated), grabs the back of my hand with teeth, and places his feet beside my arm. The pushing with the rear end is not as animated as before. I withdraw my arm but he continues to make the screaming noise and circles as if looking for my arm. I have started to spray the place where this behavior took place. If I grab the bottle while he is doing it, he immediately jumps down. I can't seem to get him exactly when he is doing it as he anticipates and stops. I suppose I should continue the spraying but I just want him to quit doing this.

I've wondered at times if his neutering was done correctly but
as a dominate behavior, I suppose this is behavioral in nature.

Answer by Kate
Unfortunately some cats do continue to do this even after they are neutered as it is instinct rather than any sexual drive.

The operation was about three months ago so I would have thought that his hormone levels would now have disappeared but it can take a little while after the operation so it may just be that he needs more time for any urges to completely disappear.

My boyfriends cat was the same and all you can really do is to just to move away from him as soon as he starts to display this behavior. he will soon learn that when he does this you go away and cats prefer attention than to being ignored.

I know it can be rather distressing but it should pass with time or at least only happen occasionally in the future.

Make sure there are plenty of things in the home to keep him distracted and occupied.

best wishes Kate

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My cat humps too
by: Anonymous

My 8 month old cat also does this and it hurts as he bites and twists the skin and kicks his back legs aswell , he was neutered at 6 months old so hoping he grows out of it .but I simply blow in his face only gently n he stops ...
I dnt want and wouldn't hit him so did this to stop him it is working as it's becoming less frequent and the minute I see what he's goin to do I gently blow in his face .

Humping adolescent cat
by: Anonymous

Had cats my whole life. Never experienced this. One minute I'm his mother, next I think he wants a lover! I can only assume what would happen if I didn't abruptly remove my arm. He humps, starts the tail twitch and I react quickly to remove myself. I have had many male cats, this is new to me! I did trap him and take him away from his mother but he looked to be around 7 weeks. He demands each morning to ride around on my shoulder too. Melts like a baby. I hope the humping is not a territorial thing but rather misplaced hormones

9 month male kitty
by: patti

Hi I have a 9 month UN neutered male kitty named Mickee. He is getting nuertered Nov 3 . He recently been showing neurotic behaviors. If my cell phone plays music or I play my games he gets to my arm and mounts me biting lightly on top of my hand wanting to hump .. its been going on for two weeks. It seems his behavior is worse if he hears my phone. It triggers those behaviors. Can you please explain why. Thanks so much

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