Poopy - Cat Memorial

by Noorjahan

My little love always

My little love always

My little love always
Love U so much my angel
so lovely

29th of May 2014

My dear little love
One month has elapsed since you abruptly left us. I can still feel you in every corner of the house. Sometimes I hear noises and for an instance I thought it was you and I would wait till I realized that you are gone.

It hurts so much that my heart cries. This hole in my heart has absorbed all my joys. You are wonderful, I don’t want to talk about you in the past because you are still and will always be a part of my life. I love you so deeply. You are my little angel and I know you are in heaven. All heavenly creatures are so lucky to have you by their side. You light up my life my little love.

Please wait for me and never forget me. I’m confident that we will meet again. I’ll do what need to be done to make it happen. There is so much sadness. It’s quiet and dull since you are gone. I try my best to act normally but I just can’t. You have such an impact on me, it’s just unbelievable how much you mean to me. I like to think that from where you are, you are watching me. This feeling is so good.

Several times I go to this site to read again part of our story, and each time I feel so proud of you. I still remember when you won the first prize in April 2013(My heart melting little fellow). What a day it was, when I got the mail from Kate. That day, you were the recognized star of not only the house but of all the neighborhood. But my dear love, for me since you came in my life you were already more than a star.

Oh God you inflicts so much pain on me. Oh Lord watch over him and give him the best place ever. Keep him close to You always.

What I feel for you my little love is more than Love. I don’t care what others would say but you are my true love, my heart melting little baby. Big hugs and kisses just the way you like them. Wait for me till we meet again. Rest in peace my little angel.

Your mum

So Sorry to hear of Poopy's passing. I know how painful it is lose one of our furry friends, so I can completely understand how you are feeling right now.

You will never forget him but the pain will ease in time.

God bless and stay strong Kate

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Mar 29, 2017
My baby '"doux"
by: Your mum

34 months. ..about one week ago for an instance I thought it was you who touched my leg with your tail..it felt just like when u used to brush my leg with your smooth hairs...💘 you my darling...mwaaahhhhhh big kisses my love...

Mar 11, 2017
My love
by: Your mum

33 months...didn't forget u....I have been talking of u so much that miss to post my little message to u...love u deeply my Poopy,my love,my little baby. ..huge kisses to you..

Jan 29, 2017
My disik
by: Your mum

32 months. ..my beloved Poopy,among angels you are..I always think that u are watching me and this feeling make it harder as I wish to see u also..it's a strange feeling.I love u so much my baby.kisses my Poopy

Dec 29, 2016
My precious Poopy
by: Your mum

31 months...end of the year and i'm missing you so much.I was thinking of u and it made me smile..it was when u didn't want to eat and i had to make small 🎾 with your food and only then u would eat..i'm missing all these wonderful moments. .💘 u loads my dear Poopy

Nov 29, 2016
My Poopy
by: Your mum

30 months...these past days I am suffering a lot physically and my thoughts always end with you..I repeatedly think that if you were here I would have tolerated these pains more easily..love you so much my dear Poopy

Oct 29, 2016
My baby
by: Your mum

29 months...These past days I am thinking of you more and more.I'm missing u so much..love u

Oct 06, 2016
Dear Poopy
by: Your mum

28 months...Dear Poopy my wish is that I will one day see u again..every time I open my laptop , u are the first thing that I see..u are so present and no way I can forget u..I love u so deeply my little baby..Big kisses and hug

Sep 01, 2016
My Poopy
by: Your mum

27 months...Hope u were here,I had so much strength when u were by my side.Love u so deeply my Poopy..Big hug and kisses

Jul 29, 2016
My Poopy
by: Your Mum

26 months...life goes on but nothing will ever be the same..Miss you my angel.Wait for me my Poopy

Jun 29, 2016
Your mum
by: Anonymous

25 months...Missing u so much...among angels you are.Love u my little fellow..Thinking of u everyday.big kisses to u..

May 29, 2016
My baby
by: Your mum

2 yrs...Can't believe that 2 yrs have passed..it seems like an eternity....that's because I am missing u so much..I love you so immensely my little baby..missing u.Big kisses and hugs and everything..mwahhhh

Apr 29, 2016
My love
by: Your mum

23 months....My love for you will always remain the same..I miss u so much..I often wonder what it would be like to have you and Quick together in the house...You are so special and I miss you so so so much.Love you my little darling..Big kisses to u and to your sis and bro

Mar 28, 2016
My fraise ''disik''
by: Your mum

22 months...I'm so sad,I wish you were here with me..I wish I could hug you and make you sleep as I used to do..I love you so much.I know you can see me, and I wish I could do the same..

Feb 28, 2016
My love
by: Your mum

21 months...Yesterday I talked about you to my new friend..I told him how much you mean to me and how special you are.I narrated how I began to pray and how I found you at the neighbor's place.I told him how much I love you and always will..Love you so much my Poopy.Wait for me my Dear.lots of kisses my little baby

Jan 29, 2016
My little fellow
by: Your mum

20 months....My little baby,thinking of you make me feel so good and bad as well.Love you so much my little angel...Je t'aime

Dec 28, 2015
Love always
by: Your mum

19 months...Sad as usual..All the memories of festive season come again.We used to stay together so that you don't feared fireworks..so much pain in my heart.I love you so much my Poopy..

I take this opportunity to wish you Kate and your family a happy new year 2016 and keep it up with this marvelous work you are doing.Kisses

Dec 05, 2015
My strength
by: Your Mum

19 months...Wish you were here to share this beautiful day with me.You are the reason for all the good that is happening to me...You gave me confidence and strength and you still are..Love you always...Don't forget me..

Nov 29, 2015
Your Mum
by: My Dearest

19 months...has elapsed.I wish I could hug you and give you lot of kisses.I love you so much, so deeply that it hurts like hell when I think of you.Wait for me my Dear..Love u

Nov 03, 2015
My Poopoo
by: Your mum

18 months...Left a comment on 29th of October but it didn't appear.Didn't forget you.Missing you loads my angel.I felt you on the 29th of October,for an instance I thought it was Quick but it wasn't...must be you.love you my Poopoo

Oct 29, 2015
My baby
by: Your mum

18 months...I felt you this evening,first I thought it was Quick..but it wasn't. I miss you so much. Love you my"Poopoo"

Sep 29, 2015
Powerful Poopy
by: Your mum

17 months....life is so strange.We never know when we will be hit by so much pain.You had the power to make things look simple.Tough days seemed so cool when you were by my side,like if I could stand against the world.Knowing that you are with me and that I'm the one you chose gave me so much strength and pride.Love you so much my Poopy..

Sep 03, 2015
Peach, my cat. hes very fat in tis year! Love him. And he never lost, funny cat:P. -Greenhat
by: Greenhat

I feel sad for Poopy, i love the "My Love Poopy meme"! But still.. he lost, he could be found, or 4ever lost.. :( bless God, for Poopy -GH

Sep 01, 2015
My treasure
by: Your Mum

15 months.....Posted a comment on 29th of August via mobile phone but it didn't get through.I didn't forget.My treasure,you must be with your brothers and sisters and among angels as you are all angels..looking after me.I still have so much pain in my heart.I wish you were here to give me strength to carry on..Love you all

Aug 29, 2015
my lovely Poopy
by: your mum

15 months...I am sad deep inside ...
like usual.feel your presence sometimes.I wish I could hug you and give you a pussy kiss right on your forehead.love you my Poopy.

Jul 31, 2015
My Poopy
by: Your mum

14 months...You are among angels I'm sure..from above you are watching me,you know my sorrows,my pain..and you know how much I love you

Jun 30, 2015
My baby
by: Your Mum

13 months...In this special month of Ramadan my most dearest wish is to meet u when I die..I love u from the bottom of my heart...May God hear my wish.

May 29, 2015
My heart
by: Your mum

1 year...It is extremely hard today!Every moment was so painful.I never thought that life would be so cruel with me.I miss you so much that no one can ever imagine..I love you so deeply.Wait for me my dearest.....

Apr 29, 2015
My baby disik
by: Your mum

11 months...Nothing has changed much.I'm still missing u and my strength is no longer like before.I was so strong when u were here.I had that impression that I could faced every difficulties in life..You are so special....love u

Mar 31, 2015
My little darling
by: your mum

10 months...My Dear little love,deep inside I know that you are among the angels and from where you are you can see me.sometimes I prefer not to think of you because it hurts so much.I love u my little darling.

Mar 01, 2015
by: Your mum

9 months...I still cry every night.I miss u so much.I love u my angel.

Jan 29, 2015
Your mum
by: Love u

8 months...I'm so sad.Everyday I think of u and hope that u are watching me.Love u my love

Dec 31, 2014
My love
by: Your mum

7 months already and I'm missing you like crazy..sometimes I still stared at the gate hoping to see passing underneath.This end of year will be really sad for me.Last year u were with me.I love u so much my ''pomme d'amour doux''.Don't forget me and wait for me my little baby..love u my Poopoo

Dec 01, 2014
my little love
by: your mum

6 months and so much pain I'm feeling.My angel missing u so badly.I'm not that strong anymore, not the way I was before u left me.Wait for me my dear little love...

Oct 30, 2014
My baby ''giling giling''
by: Your mum

My Dear little love,love u so much my little baby..I'm missing u so badly..5 months and I'm still waiting to wake up and see u by my side.My little angel, I'm so proud for having the privilege to share so many wonderful moment with u..kisses my love

Sep 29, 2014
My 'zaricot vert
by: Your mum

4 months now and I 'm still in so much pain..missing your meow ...in heaven you are..you're such a love..I wish I could see u my little 'zaricot vert'..till we meet again..love

Aug 29, 2014
my little Poopoo
by: your mum

Dear little love 3 months already have passed, and the pain is still so strong.My sweet precious Poopy missing more and more each day

Jul 30, 2014
my ''fraise disik''
by: Your mum

2 months already since u left me...missing u so much my little ''fraise disik''. I love u so much.I dreamt of u and it was so real..love u loads my little angel..

Jul 03, 2014
by: Noorjahan

Thanks Annalise for your support..

Jul 01, 2014
Cruel reality
by: Noorjahan

Many thanks for your comments..My little passed away on the bed beside me.I was holding his paw in my hand and we were staring at each other till he left me. It was in the morning (approx 8.30). I was alone and devastated.I kept holding his paw and fell asleep.

When my husband came home at around 1.30 p.m he found us. I was still sleeping. When I woke up his paw was still in my hand. I can still feel this coldness in my hand. I was back to this cruel reality.First time I am talking about it..

Jun 30, 2014
by: Noorjahan

Thanks Kate for your kind words...

Jun 30, 2014
my heart goes out to you
by: annalise

hi - I can totally relate to what you are going through.
I still miss all the cats that I had the honour and privilege to share my life with so far but I am pretty sure that we will meet up again some day.
I know you are suffering so much right now but know that you gave Poopy the best life she could ever ask for.

You are in my thoughts xxx

Jun 29, 2014
rainbow bridge
by: Anonymous

My boy Zazie Pierre died in my arms. I was heartbroken. rainbow bridge has grief counseling and many images and help for pet loss. 3 yrs after Zaz's passing I still go to the bridge to see his face , post stories and feel him

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