When do female cats stop going into heat?

Do female cats ever get too old to go into heat or is this a lifelong experience with unspayed females?

Answer by Kate
Excellent question, I hadn't given this much thought so i have checked with a vet friend of mine. he tells me that cats do not go through a menopause like humans so they can continue to go into heat into old age. It may become less and less but he tells me he has known cats of 15 to still go into heat.

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cats in heat
by: Anonymous

I have a cat I've had for 6 years don't know how old she is cause our neighbor left her and I took her in. She has been the best cat ever! Anyway, my question is the meowing that she did in heat she does no more. Is that normal? Since everyone says they can still go into heat. She looks only to be 7 or 8.

by: Falon

My cat, Mickey, is 16 years old and had her baby girl May 6, 2016. Mural, her kitten, is beautiful and healthy. So, cats can still going into heat and have kittens well into their elderly years.

old queen still going strong!
by: Anonymous

We have a 17 year old female cat who still goes,into heat! Her yowling just gets stronger the older she gets. Go old girl!

another cat's in heat question
by: Anonymous

Can cats still get pregnant at an old age when going into heat?

Yes as long as a cat continues to go into heat they can get pregnant. Cats can be futile up to around the age of 14.

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