My cat is suddenly terrified of me...

by Shandra Fox

I received a 5 month old rescued shelter cat for x-mas. She was in the home of the gift giver for one week, and had also been spayed before coming to my home. She was scared in the beginning, then started coming around a tiny bit. The other night I came home and noticed she hadn't eaten anything that day. Concerned I went and found her and brought her with me to the couch. She was absolutely terrified of me. (I had never seen her react this way) Wouldn't purr while being pet and had her ears flattened to her head the entire time. As soon as she had the opportunity to run...back under the kitchen table she'd go! Growing concerned by her increased fear base behavior and lack of eating, I retrieved her and brought her back to the couch with me. Inspecting her to ensue no cuts, lacerations or obvious ailments. At one point I took her to her food, placed her in front...nothing. Then tried this with milk and treats..nothing. I did put a little bit of water on my finger to run it over her mouth in effort to get some fluids in her...again to no avail. By the next morning, she seemed fine? It was strange. She was back to eating, drinking and playing again. However, since this day she has been petrified of me. Frantically runs away from me, even if she just hears me get up in the other room. She stays hidden the entire time I'm home. She is more scared now, than she was when she first arrived. I'm not sure what happened to the progress we were making??? Nothing in the environment has changed. Is she sick? Maybe I should have taken her the to the vet that night? Her eating and digestion routine are completely back to normal however. Except for her increasingly unusual behavior, she does seem to be healthy. Could it have been something I unknowingly did? I'm starting to think she hates me. What did I do? Please help!

Answer by Kate
yes it could have been something you did unknowingly. were you wearing a strong perfume at the time? i ask this as the only time my old cat went for me was when i put on some strong scent. it must have smelt so strange to her that she became concerned and fearful.

also unfortunately when a cat starts to act this way the last thing you should do is go and get them out of their hiding pace. this is likely just to make them even more fearful.

As long as you feel that she is eating and drinking and using the litter ok i would put this down to fear rather than any particular illness.

the best way to try and win her confidence is to allow her to make the first move towards you and not the other way around.

i have a web page about how to bond with a cat, it has some tips on how to let a cat approach you etc. yes it may take a little time but it will be a much stronger bond if it is on her terms. here is the page

best wishes Kate

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You're not alone
by: Anonymous

Let me know if you find an answer because I have a similar problem. I've also had my cat since the day she was born (so 10 years) she usually cuddles with me all the time. She will come lay on me and fall asleep, she loves being pet and always wants me to be petting her. I didn't recently do anything that would upset her or make her fearful of me. In fact last night she was cuddling me the same as always. Then today I get up and she is acting super afraid of me. I tried to pick her up and she pinned her ears back and was desperately trying to get away and trying to claw me. I put her down and she ran away. I tried to pick her up a little while later and she was meowing loudly and again trying to claw me to get away. She hasn't come out of hiding all day today and she was being normal around everyone else before that. My other cat started acting weird today too. Not as extreme and she will let me hold her but she's not being as affectionate as she usually is, not following me around like usual and doesn't want to be held for long (but not trying to claw me to death like the other cat). Just seems to not have any interest in me, when normally she wants all my attention.

My 7 year old is all of a sudden scared stiff of me.

My 7 year old male, whom I've had since the day he was born has suddenly started running away from me. He looks at me as if he is terrified, he hides behind furniture.
2 days ago he was stood on the kitchen units and I shut a cupboard door which was above him, unknowing that his tail was in the way. His tail got trapped and he yelped. I immediately went to him giving him loves etc but since then he seems so scared of me.
We've always had a special bond and it's really upsetting me. I would never ever hurt any animal and event though he is physically fine he just seems petrified of me.
Does anyone have any answers?

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