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 How To Bond With Your Cat 

Bringing a new cat into the family is a stressful time for everyone involved and requires some time of adjustment for both the family and the cat. 

I always think the best advice I can give a family with a new pet is to put your self into the cats’ shoes. Imagine finding yourself in a strange house, with lots of strange smells and noises and people that you have never seen before. 

Yikes I’m feeling quite nervous myself now.

By putting yourself into the cats position you will gain a greater understanding and empathy, which will help you to make your cats new home feel safe by behaving in a way that will make the cat feel secure sooner and make a happy cat.

Plus the way you behave towards your cat during these early days will determine how the new cat sees you, friend or foe. It’s much better to try and build those bonds early on, rather than try to persuade your cat later on that you’re not so bad after all.

Arriving Home For The First Time

It is important that the new cat feels at ease in the cats new home from the very moment they arrive. So make sure that the home is prepared for it’s new resident by:

  • Make sure other pets are shut away
  • Prepare a quiet room for your cat before you bring them home

Place your new cat in the room you have provided them with and let them be alone for at least 30 minutes. Then check to see if they are OK, kneel down and offer them a treat.

If they come to you great you are winning, but don’t worry if they shy away and hide from you. Don’t rush them, just leave them alone for a while longer and keep repeating your checks and offer of a treat every now and again. Just because they shy away at first does not mean that you don't have a happy cat, it just means that they are being cautious.

It is important to leave the cat to their own devices during this time to give them the chance to explore their new environment. It can be very overwhelming if there is too much to explore all at once and can cause anxiety.

How To Bond With your Cat - Gently Does It.

The answer to the question "How To bond with your cat?" is slowly. For the first few days keep your cat in their designated room and visit them regularly. Start to spend more and more time with them. Some cats are very bold and sure of them selves and will accept there new home and family without too much trouble.

These cats can be allowed to wander the house once you feel confident that they have accepted you. But cats that are shy may need more time to settle in, even though this might be very frustrating to you and your family who may be eager to get to know your new cat too.

But rushing the situation is a big no no, patience and gentle persuasion is the best way forward.

Introduction to the other members of the family should be made one at a time and as calmly as possible, this includes other pets. Introducing pets to each other has it’s own technique and should only be attempted once you are confident that your new cat is happy with it’s new environment and human family.

This can be easily ascertained by observing a cat’s behavior. Sure signs of acceptance are:

The best way to approach your new cat is:

  • Make yourself as small as possible, normally best done by kneeling or lying on the floor.
  • Never drag your cat out from their hiding place, let them come to you.
  • Never look directly into the cat’s eyes; this is a threatening sign to a cat.
  • Offer treats and let them smell your hand before you try to stroke them.
  • Transfer the cats smell to your hands etc by rubbing something your cat has used like a blanket or cushion onto you.

Handling and Holding Your Cat

One of the least understood problems some owners experience is when a cat struggles when they are picked up. This is unpleasant for the owner and the cat will become stressed and may become fearful of that person in the future. The main reason for this struggling is that the cat feels unsafe, normally due to the way it is being handled. The best way to pick up a cat is:

  • Place one hand under the cat’s chest
  • Place the other hand under their bottom
  • Lift quickly and confidently into a cuddle at the front of your body, with your hands still supporting their chest and bottom.

Cats should not be held under the arm with their legs dangling, this is not only uncomfortable and could cause pressure on some internal organs, but is also very unsettling for your cat and they will start to struggle to get away.

Lifetime Bond With Your New Cat

Once a bond with a cat is made, that bond will last a lifetime.There may be occasional hiccups and behavioral issues but generally as long as you are providing your cat with a loving, comfortable home with plenty of tickles, playtime and food and activity, their happiness and your friendship will be assured.

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