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by: Alissa

Excessive thirst, hunger and urination are the 3 hallmark signs of diabetes in humans and I'll bet your cat is also. You need to take him to the vet ASAP to be diagnosed. You may have to end up giving him insulin shots or other medication if it is diabetes. Hopefully you are not feeding your cat table scrapes and he is not overweight.

Good luck !!

by: Anonymous

This sounds exactly like my 14 year old cat. He constantly drinks water and goes to the bathroom alot and is always hungry. He never gains weight, no matter how much he eats. I'm pretty sure he is diabetic, so the vet needs to do a urine test. But I can bet your cat has the same thing.

Kitty drinking excess water
by: Anonymous

You need to find clinic that provides free treatment or small fees and take your kitty to a get IMMEDATIELY! Our 11 year old kitty began doing this (drinking water constantly), his fur began dulling and began vomiting which was not unusual for an outside. When his vomiting grew worse and he became very lethargic we took him to the vet (he was up on his shots, etc). By the time we got him to the vet he was found to be diabetic (I didn't know cats could have diabetes!) and almost in a coma. Kidneys were shut down and liver dying too. Sadley he died within hours. Please get him to the vet ASAP! I hope it's not too late.

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