Im Pregnant And Cat Wont Stop Meowing 

Question: I'm preganant and cat wont stop meowing Help?

I'm 30 weeks pregnant, and the past month my 3 year old cat has been meowing NON STOP. First off, he's always been our only baby, and he is VERY babied.

Does he sense that there is going to be change soon? I know he's not sick or in pain because he plays, eats, goes to the bathroom and grooms. The weird thing is he only does it to me.

When my husband comes home from work he acts normal....when I come home he runs up to me and cries nonstop. I have to either hold him or play with him to make him stop. Is there something I can do? Have I completely ruined my cat by babying him?

by Missy (Illinois)

Answer: Er yes, perhaps. It definitely sounds like your cat is very reliant on you and the attention he receives from you. Without this he probably feels nervous, unsure, unsettled etc and this will only get worse once your baby arrives as you won't have the time to lavish all your attention on him.

He may also suffer a little from separation anxiety, again this an over dependence on attention from one person.

Unfortunately you may have to start re training him with a little tough love or as the saying goes cruel to be kind. It will be tough on both of you at the beginning as he will cry and you will feel guilty, but he will be better for it once he is used to the new status quo.

Please see my pages about social behaviour, cat discipline and cat meowing behaviour for some ideas on how to try and help your cat come to terms with less attention but still feeling secure in the home.

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