Kitten Toilet Training For Orphan Kittens

Kitten toilet training during the first few weeks of their life will entail physical stimulation. Normally the mother cat will lick her kittens around their bottom to encourage them to eliminate but when there is Mother around this task has to be carried out by you.

Yes I know this may sound rather disgusting but just think what we do for our own babies and they're a whole lot bigger and eat a whole lot more, if you know what I mean.

So when you are hand rearing an orphan kitten, part of your duties will include helping them to eliminate urine or faeces after each bottle feed.

How To Stimulate A Kitten To Eliminate

You will need this equipment to hand after you have fed your kitten

·         Clean cotton pads or soft tissue

·         A bowl of clean warm water

·         Newspaper or a bowl for the kitten to urinate into.

The technique

·         Moisten the cotton ball with warm water

·         Place hand under kittens body to support him over the empty bowl

·         Gently stroke the anal and genital areas in a circular motion.

·         Continue the motion while the kitten is urinating

·         After urination keep stimulating for a few more sections to see if the kitten wants to defecate. They will show signs of pushing if they do.

·         Once completed clean the kittens bottom with a clean cotton pad and warm water.

After three to four weeks you should notice that your kitten is able to go naturally without any help. At this time if they are orphans the second part of kitten toilet training takes place, as you will need to show them how to use the litter box.

Always ensure that you have a box with low sides for ease of access for your kitten and also make sure that the litter used is soft. You don't want your kitten to be put off using a litter tray is they don't like the feel of harsh litter on their delicate paws.

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