Whining Cat Problem

Question :   Whining cat problem can you help?

Our formerly happy male kitten has now begun a daily ritual of whining through the house from the time it wakes up in the morning and throughout the day and evening. The food bowl is filled daily and water, as well as a clear litter box.

It just seems to whine for no reason daily and all day. I am stuck as to what the problem is. Can you help?

Answer : You have not mentioned if your cat is neutered or not. From your description it sounds like a male cat looking for a mate.

He may be very frustrated as he can't get out to do his male cat thing, and this is causing the whining etc.

The best thing is to have him neutered, this will make him a more content happy cat again without all those male hormones making him frustrated etc.

For more advice about neutering your cat please see my full info page here:

If your cat is already neutered then it could simply be a case of boredom. This is not unusual for indoor cats who need a lot of stimulus to keep them happy.

I hope you little boy is back to his happy self soon

I have more information about how to keep an indoor cat happy and entertained on another page just click next.

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Thanks by: Anonymous 

Hey Kate, 
Thanks so much. I think you may be right. we are new at this, so thanks for your input.

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