1 1/2 yr old female cat has weird yellow/green discharge from anus.

by Asha
(Alabama )

Lately my cat Oreo has been meowing a lot, similar to before she was spayed. I checked her rear for worms- as she has had them before. When checking I noticed a yellow or green liquid leeking from her anus.

Answer by Kate
This suggests that she has an internal infection and needs to see the vet as soon as possible.

Any yellow/green discharge is always a bad sign and is indicative of an infection.

i hope she is well again soon after treatment.

best wishes Kate

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Spayed Female, Same Issue
by: Emily

My first cat, who died of old age at 17 was spayed and her entire life, when she got excited- if you petted her really agreesively and she was purring hard- she would have a green/yellow/brown discharge- EXTREMELY stinky come out, leaving little spots everywhere. She did this her entire life.

Her brother and littermate did not have this issue.

I now have a new kitty, female and spayed, and she does the same thing.

Her adopted brother does not have this issue.

I think it is something specific to female spayed cats. Amelia is due for a checkup in April, so I will discuss it then, but so gross and so weird.

Update on my car
by: Asha

I took Oreo the vet and the vet that she did not have an infection. She has a problem with her bowels and the fluid that leaks is supposed to excrement with her bowel movements. The vet said it was almost impacted. The vet squeezed the discarge out and said it will need to be done every 6-8 weeks.

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