10 month kitten acting strange

by Laura

Hi, I have a 9-10 month old kitten who

today has started behaving strangely.
She's fine in herself, eating fine etc. But had
A dry cough earlier today and is now acting
as though her jaw is clicking or as though she's
trying to push something out of her mouth with
her Tongue, or both.
I've also just noticed she has one of her tiny front
teeth missing, I was wondering if this could be
The cause of her weird actions.
None of us have noticed her doing this before
and she can be nervous at times.

Thanks for your help?

yes it can be that she has recently lost one of her baby teeth ( this is normal) and that it may feel odd in her mouth perhaps even a little sore. the other possibility is that she has hairballs which she is trying to bring up or may even have something else caught in her mouth. See if you can prise her jaw open and have a look around.

If after a few days she is still continuing with this odd behavior then it may be worth getting a vet to take a look in case there is something stuck in there.

i have a page about cat hairballs which you may find of further interest here



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