10 yr old cat with front leg twitch


My 10 year old cat has been a completely indoor cat his entire life. I acquired him at 6 weeks old after he was abandoned by his mother. He had all of his vaccines up to date until about 4 years ago when I realized he will never be outdoors nor is he exposed to other cats. He is neutered and declawed on all four paws (long story). The last time he had a dental was 2005. He has mild to moderate plaque on his teeth. He eats Iams for seniors and uses the litterbox regularly. He does seem to lay in places around the house he normally didn't before. He appears cognitive and alert when prompted. No other symptoms (no vomiting, no fever, no diarrhea, etc.) We got a puppy in August who is now 70lbs but rarely stresses him out unless she tries to lick the cat then he hisses and she runs away.

Within in this past week, when he lays down his front left leg twitches. He is asleep and he is awake when this happens. He does not limp, have any swelling in the leg/shoulder or appear to be in pain. The twitching will be constant and then subside and then twitch again. As long as he is not standing, this happens all day/night.

I do not know if this is the beginning of something more serious or just old age. What do you think?

umm difficult to say really as cats legs do twitch from time to time especially when they are asleep and dreaming.

Due to the fact that he is now 10 and you say the twitching is constant if it were me i would want to have a vet check him over. It may be the start of a nerve issue or even a neurological one but really the leg needs to be examined and perhaps some other tests to be carried out to be sure what it is.

your vet may have had experience of this before and so can give you a better idea of what it may be. As i say if you think that the twitching is excessive and if it continues for another few days etc and you are sure he is has no fleas or other mites then a trip to your vets may be the best option.

Hope he is Ok and if you do go to the vets I would be interested to know what your vet tells you.

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Leg twitch
by: Anonymous

I am having same issue with my 4 year old cat! On here trying to find answers!

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