11 week old kitten's continual crying

by Kelly
(Greenville, SC, USA)

We recently got a 10 week old female kitten from a friend whose cat had 4 kittens. This is my first cat - my hubby had several of them while growing up. The kittens were all still together, along with the mother and two other adult cats when we got her. We have only had this kitten for 5 nights.

The problem we are having is that she cries 90% of the time - morning, night, whenever. My husband said that he has never encountered a cat as noisy as she is in all of his cat owning years. She doesn't cry when she is using the litter box, while eating or while playing, but otherwise, she just walks around crying. We play with her like crazy when we get home from work, and she eats at night before bedtime which I have heard may help cats sleep better, but the crying is worse/louder/more persistent at night. We had to put her in an enclosed bedroom at night to confine the crying so she isn't walking in our bedrooms doing it and waking us up anymore than she already is. My son keeps waking up in the night, crying b/c he is tired and she is crying so loudly!
What do we do? We have not had her spayed yet (we were planning on doing it next weekend - she is indoors), and I have heard that having her spayed may help the crying stop some, so I would like to spay her, but my hubby doesn't want to spend the $ on it if we aren't going to keep her (previous owner said that she would take her back if we decide not to keep her - previous owner didn't have any crying problems with
Could it be that she is still missing her "mom and siblings"? If so, how long before she will get used to not being with them? Could it be that she is not getting enough scratching in? We bought her a horizontal scratch pad, but she doesn't use it -the previous owner had a scratch post that she did use.
I just find it absolutely unbearable to constantly hear the noise - can hardly carry on a conversation with my hubby because of her continual cries. This, coupled with our family not getting any sleep is not making me very pleased with this kitten right now.

Answer by Kate
well there are several factors here. one yes i think having her spayed could well quiet her down as she is moving into the time when her calls may be for mating purposes.

Two it depends on her breed, some cats are just more vocal than others. Siamese for instance are very vocal.

Three she may still be finding her way around and the calling could be because she is anxious. This should decrease with time. Make sure she has plenty of things to keep her amused and distracted.

You are doing the right thing by feeding her at night as this will help to settle her down. Also try having a run around game with her about 20 minutes before you go to bed this can also help them to settle.

I would say that after she is spayed and has had more time to settle in that this crying will stop. Some cats just need more time to settle in thats all.

i have a page about keeping cats happy inside which you may find of further interest


best wishes Kate

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Kittens crying
by: Vera

I have 3 feral kittens mother left them in my garden because I feed her and her mother I still do when they came.one of the kittens has become friendly and comes in to my house and it crys at me for attention as the mother wants nothing to do with them now.any suggestions.

Loud Cat May Not Stop
by: Kathy

This is a late response, but we brought home a loud kitten and although it has improved a little over the years, he still cries quite a bit 7 years later. Very loudly, especially outside our closed bedroom doors at all hours of the night. We used to let him sleep with us, but unless it was very cold, he would get up at all hours and just cry. We close the bedroom doors now because I can't have him waking up the children, although I know ultimately he wants to be inside with any one of us (he is quite a snuggler). He was fixed and there was no vast improvement. If you have decided to keep the kitten, I hope that you are prepared for the possibility that this may continue. For your sake, I hope it has decreased or ceased!

Crying Kitty
by: Lynda

Getting her spayed should help. You could try this old "trick". Get kitty a nice soft bed, take a small towel and rub it on yourself to get your scent and place it in her bed. Wrap an old fashioned "ticking" alarm clock in another towel (make sure the alarm is off, I made that mistake once..oopps). Place the clock in Kittie's bed, it will remind her of her mother's heartbeat and should sooth her. I have heard of also putting a hot water bottle in the bed but I never did that, was afraid Kittie may get burned. Good luck!

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