17yr old neut male constantly hungry & crying

by Lynne Gargett

This time last year I had 3 cats aged 17, 13 & 12 and a 6yr old cav spaniel dog. My dog was put to sleep in Jan due to a bad heart, I was made redundant and at home alot then my middle cat died in March. Since last year my eldest cat who appears in good health though has lost weight, is constantly hungry and follows me about crying all the time. He appears happy apart from that enjoys going out and play fighting with other cat. Is it just old age?

Answer by Kate
this sounds like a thyroid problem to me, loss of weight and a hunger that just can't be satisfied (my own cat had this problem).

The cat needs to see a vet as soon as possible as eventually the body starts to eat away at muscle once all the fat is gone and the cat will become very weak.

the vet will do tests and either prescribe medication or an operation depending on the condition of the cat.

having said all of this I am not a vet so this is just my opinion based on my experience. So let the vet be your true guide as to what is wrong with your cat. (if you are worried about vet bills etc ask your vet if they know of any animal charities locally that me able to help, always worth asking0

I hope your cat is better soon as it sounds like you have been through a lot in the past year or so.

best wishes Kate

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Thanks Tracy
by: Lynne

I took your advice took my 17yr old cat to the vet as you said it could be his thyroid. He checked him over and took his resting heartbeat at home as he was quite stressed when at the vets. Because of his age our vet is putting him straight onto medication for his thyroid rather than stressing him further with a blood test as his heartbeat was extremely fast. Will be picking prescription up tonight and hopefully Sunny will be felling better in the next couple of weeks. Thankyou again - I know he is 17 but he is still a very special cat.

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