18yr old cat

by Wendy

I love my Cat. I've had her for 18 years, since she was 5 weeks old.

She's had her ups and downs with wellness and we had a scare with Kidney/Liver issues
a while back (2yrs), but she's been fine since.

Well, the night before last, I gave her a can of soft cat food with her dry (which she normally
scoffs down) and this time she didnt touch it. Not like her at all. The next day (yesterday)
she couldnt eat or drink anything and threw up and had foul smelling diarrhea all day. Today, same thing.
She cant even hold down water. I've tried milk, creamer, eggs and more soft food... and nothing.
She's wobbly on her feet and I really think this is the end... I cried my eyes out this morning.

I dont want to put her through blood drawing, jabs, tests, etc at the Vet, only to have them tell me she's old and just send her home or tell me to put her down.

I know another day of no food and water will be devistating..

What would you do? I want to do the right thing for her.

Should I take her to the Vet? She hates it there and in the past has bitten/scratched etc. (totally not her norm behavior) I just dont want to do all that to her if it's just all a waste of time and only causes her pain.


Answer by Kate
well what can i say Wendy, it may be the end for her as 18 is quite old, however on the other hand it may just be a virus that will sort itself out in 48 hours, it is so difficult to say.

if i were you and as long as your cat does not appear to be in pain, let her rest and see if she can pull through on her own. However if she has not drunk anything at all then there is a danger of dehydration so if you can try to get some water into her that may help. but if she is the same tomorrow or shows further signs of illness in the mean time, then yes I'm afraid a trip to the vets is the best thing.

explain your concerns to him straight away about not wanting to put her through too much if it is just her time. If he is any good at all he should explain things to you first as to what he feels would be best for her, my vet is fantastic and I always know that he puts the cat first.

i do hope it is nothing serious and that she will be Ok again soon.

best wishes Kate

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my 16 yr old
by: allan anderson

my female spayed female who is a prime 16yrs is having shoulder pain and am wondering can i do somethin for her at home or would a vet visit be best? she means the world to me and would do anything for her.

Best to have her checked out. the pain could be caused by all sorts of things and you need to know wheat it is before you can treat it properly.

Thanks for being here
by: Wendy

Thank you for your reply.

She's the same today. She had a few licks of water last night and today. She's had some yogurt and earlier tonight she had a few bites of soft food.

I've had her since she was 5 weeks old and it's just so hard to say goodbye. She's been my best pal for such a long time now.

I'm going to give her until Wednesday and then call the Vet and bring her in. If by then she isnt any better then I dont want her to go on like this.

Til then... I'd rather she passed quietly/safely here at home where she's Loved than by herself,in a metal cage, in the middle of the night (at the vets)

I just want to say thank you for being here.
It means the world.

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