2 Year old indoor male persian suddenly always hungry

by Lisa

Alfalfa when little

Alfalfa when little

My Persian male cat Alfalfa who is 2 and half has suddenly become very hungry. And is crying all the time at his food bowl. He does have sensitive stomach to most types of cat food, and then therefore is restricted to one type of dry food which is Hills Science indoor cat formula.It is the only one that doesn't make him throw up. His visited the vet a month ago for a complete check up and a worming. He is feed regularly and not huge amounts due to being a lazy lil lump. He can eat boiled chicken but has become utterly picky and will only eat it if its done that day.. And i just don't have time in my day to make boiled chicken every day. And half the time he doesn't eat it any way. His been neutered as well. The other day he ate so much he threw up..Although i wasn't at home to see this my flat mates told me later....

he drinks only water (no excessive thirsts or anything) and his happy and when his not playing chasey or fetch his snoozing...I think he was created with a snooze button... His generally very happy except now when it comes to food...his also happiest if his bald (weird yet true, he hates fur and is at his happiest when he is shaved)

Is the eating and hunger something worry about or is he going through a teenage growth spurt or something?

Answer by Kate
Um I'm not sure how to answer this. I'm not sure what you mean when you say he hates fur, how do you know?

In my opinion he sounds and please do forgive me for this but it does sound like he may have been a little spoiled and just like spoilt kids, cats can become very demanding and rather greedy. They know that by crying they get what they want and if he is the sort of cat that has become used to getting what he wants this can become a bit of a habit.

As long as you are sure that he has had a clean bill of health from the vet then all i can suggest is that this is a behavioral issue which sadly can only be altered by tough love. Ie. regular meal times only and not giving in to crying etc. When he does start to cry at the food bowl walk way from him and leave him to it. he will learn that he wont get anything else other than the food in his bowl. Then afterwards make a lot of fuss of him with a game etc.

best wishes Kate

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Hungry Persian
by: Anonymous

I have a male 5 ur old Persian who is always hungry. He has a sensitive stomach typical of a Persian. His name is Teddy. Teddy also prefers to have his fur shaved off short. Easier for him to clean himself.

Hungry cat
by: Marilyn

Please have your cat's thyroid checked. This happened to one of my cats and he got very skinny and unstable from this. Always crying for food, etc. This could definitely be the problem.

thanks :)
by: Lisa

Yes Kate you are right about being spoiled....I think im going to have to make all my house mates do tough love on him...myself included...he laid on the floor the other day like a sullen teenager about having no food, it was quite entertaining...

He deff has a clean bill of health, i have him regularly checked by my vet. He gets well looked after :)

And his fur thing is very strange, when his fur gets long he gets whingey and meows alot, and as soon as its gone his like a happy playful little kitten :) and purrs his little head off :)

thanks again

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