My Siamese cat

My Siamese cat

I need to find a way to feed Bullet a nutritionally complete food. She has lost most of her teeth and her jaw is deteriorating, so she has difficulty eating. she mostly licks the food.She is quite skinny, but alert. Her paws have lost fur and vet says that's for lack of protein. Then I read that older cats need LESS protein.I have tried all kinds as well as baby food. Blending w/ milk did not work. Would adding protein powder help? How to make a semi-liquid diet that will appeal to her? THXS for your help.

The pic is from about 1 1/2 yrs ago.

Well I would say that your cat needs a special cat food designed for the older cat. They are balanced to help support an older cats needs. If you see my cat page here it talks about the needs of the older cat nutritionally. There is a cat food there called Felidae Platinum Senior Cat Food. Click on the picture for information about this brand. Now I know it is a dry food and so your cat would not be able to eat it in its current form. However you could add water to it to make it soft then mush it up for her so that she could lap it up. She would still be getting all the nutrients etc.


Unfortunately a lot of these special cat food diets are not for sale in the Uk and have to be bought from the USA where there pet market is far larger. However if after your first order you discover that it is suitable for your cat i.e they like it you could buy it in bulk to cut down on costs etc.

Trying to make up your own food is time consuming, could work out more expensive in the long run and may not provide all the necessary nutritional requirements your cat needs. After all cat food manufacturers have researched their food etc and so you are paying for their expertise also.

22 years old is very old for a cat and so the poor little thing will need lots of extra support for her system and this can cost extra money i’m afraid. I had a old cat and I know just how the costs can mounts up. But we love our cats so much that it doesn’t matter i find.

I wish you the best of luck in finding a suitable food for your cat.

Best wishes kate

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