3 cats, 2 don't get along

by Starr
(Buffalo, NY)

Ivy, Baby Boy & Cleo

Ivy, Baby Boy & Cleo

I have 3 cats. One 10 yr old female, Cleo, one 7 yr old male, Baby Boy, and one 5 yr old female, Ivy. Cleo and Baby boy get along, and Baby Boy and Ivy get along, but Ivy HATES Cleo! Cleo has tried to play with Ivy in the past, but Ivy always runs away or hisses at her. If Cleo so much as walks to close to Ivy, Ivy will will hiss and swat at her. But Ivy and Baby Boy are best friends!! Cleo is also the most affectionate of the 3 by far, and Ivy is the opposite, only liking affection on her terms, or at bedtime. Also, Cleo and Baby Boy came from friends as very young kittens, and Ivy was adopted from the SPCA. All are spayed. Why do you think Ivy hates Cleo, but loves Baby Boy??

Answer by KAte
Why do you like some people and not others? Its the same for cats, they just dont like all cats, why who knows.

I have two boy cats who adore some of the neighbors cats and will quite happily sit or play with them in the garden. But when some come around, all hell breaks loose.

Sadly there is not much we can do about this and what normally happens is that cats will sort out there own issues and keep away from cats they dont get along with. this is normal behavior.

best wishes Kate

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Happy Families
by: Terence

I have three grown-up cats who all get along very well, and four kittens from one of my females. The tom cat I have is brilliant with the kittens, and always has been, he lets them get away with anything - he'll play with them and let them all sleep with him. The two females are good but they do spit and hiss at them sometimes if they want to be left alone. One minute they can be racing round the house chasing each other and the next they're washing each other and using each other as cushions.

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