4 Year old male cat started peeing everywhere

by Brandon

My male cat is about 4 years old. He is neutered, and I never had any problems with him until recently. We haven't moved, or changed our apartment in any big way so I don't think the problem is anxiety.

He pees everywhere, and my apartment reeks of cat urine. I keep a clean litter box, but he just keeps peeing everywhere. Sometimes he does use the litter box, and when he does he sometimes meows very loudly and shuffles around in there like he's uncomfortable. And he wipes his butt on our carpet after he poops every single time.
I can deal with the butt wiping, but the peeing has to stop, and I really don't want to have to get rid of him.

I have taken him to see a vet, and there were no underlying health problems that they could tell.

Any ideas?

You say you did take him to see a vet. Was this recently? If not then i would definitely suggest you take him back. I say this because this rubbing of his bottom on the floor could be an indication of something like blocked anal glands. Also the meowing when in the litter tray could be a sign of some distress.


There are only two reasons for this sort of behavior. Either its is behavioral due to anxiety and a need to scent mark his home or it is due to some form of ill health. From what you have described it sounds more likely that there is some physical problem as i have said before and so i do think that another trip to your vets may be in order.

Hope you can find the cause soon, it can't be nice for any of you including the cat.

best wishes kate

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