6 Month old cat urinating everywhere

by Michael


We have a 6 month old female kitten, that never use to pee around the house. She was very clean at first and only ever peed around the house when the kitty litter box wasn't clean. a month ago or so we got a litter of kittens that were raised by my girlfriend. We recieved them around 1 week old and managed to get rid of all but one. We gather our 6 month old Leelah understands this last one will be staying for good. For the past 2 weeks she has constantly been peeing and pooing around the house. Doesn't matter how many times we rub her face in it and throw her in the laundry for punishment. She still persits and pees in a different spot the very next day we let her out. She makes our efforts look futile and we think they really are, that is why we are asking if you have any advice on what we can try. So far we have tried replacing her kitty litter everyday and buying more kitty litter boxes. We even tried changing the kitty litter after everytime she used it, which worked for a few days. Now she does one little poo and refuses to use the kitty litter box again - This never use to be a problem before we had the new kitten.

Anyhelp on how we can combat this would be very much appreicated. We don't like punishing our Leelah, however whe do not know what else to do.

Thanks in advance.

Mike n Emma.

Punishment does no good for cats as they simply won't make the connection.

this is a common issue when a cats territory has been infringed upon. You need to help the cat relax again and get used to her litter box again in a relaxed environment. This is where the confinement re training comes in. please see these two pages regarding this problem and solution.



best wishes kate

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