6 month old kitten drinking 3 bowls of water in 1 day

by angelina

Hi again Katie I meant to say my kitten has a upper resp infection not a uti sorry about that, we adopted her last Friday and my vet noticed has a upper resp infection and ear mites, after her first night here I noticed her bowl of water was completly empty so that freaked me out. I told the human society and they said they think if she's nervous or doesn't like being in her room allday and they think anxiety can cause the excessive drinking, we have her in a large room alone so she doesn't give our other 2 kittys her cold or mites. I had to give her 3 bowls of water today so that really stressed me out since my other 2 cats don't even drink half of ther bowl in one day. So I called the human society once again to tell them and they seem to blow it off. They don't think it's abnomal so I don't know what to do. Do you think some cats get really thirsty like humans? She plays with me and the kids when we hang out with her and she eats and seems normal. The vet at the humane society says he checked her urine for sugar and it was normal so not sure if he is just saying that so I stop asking them what's wrong with the kitten. So do you think her antibiotic could cause excessive thirst? I worry for her so I pray she's okay. Please let me know if you have any idea of what can cause this. Thankyou again for answering.

Answer by Kate
This is a tricky one to answer. i have not heard or antibiotics making cats excessively thirsty. three bowls a days does sound like quite a lot.

It may be due to anxiety, after all your cat is trying to adjust to new surroundings and also she may not be feeling her best at the moment due to her mites etc so anxiety could well be an issue.

if it were me i think i would take her to see another vet just for a check up and to make sure. At the very least you will be putting your mind at rest and at worse you may discover something wrong which is for the cats benefit at the end of the day.

You could wait a few more days to see if the situation changes, make sure the cat has plenty to keep themselves stimulated and amused, so lots of different toys etc. If they are anxious then this may help to distract them from them for a while.

This page has some suggestions for keeping a cat happy inside.


i do hope they are feeling better soon

best wishes Kate

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