6 week old kitten won't eat

by Danielle Johnson

Butter Ball

Butter Ball

Hello i have a 6 week old kitten and he wont eat he wants nothing to do with it no matter what i try to do and i dont know what to do . He will drink a lil bit of milk but i dont know if he is drinking enough . he still has his weight on him like he did when he was born maby just a lil less but not much cause he is still a lil butter ball Thats his name too Butter Ball Booties ! I am stuck on what to do i dont want him to die thank you Danielle

Answer by Kate
6 weeks is very young and really he should still be with his mother and feeding from her.

if the mother is not around now you will have to hand rear him yourself. please see my pages about kitten care and hand rearing it will give you more information about how he should be developing and how to feed him. if you still have problems feeding you must take him to the vet as kittens can down hill fast and if he will not eat and requires tube feeding then the vet will have to show you how to do this. Lets hope it won't get to this stage. read all my pages about kitten care here is the first pagehttps://www.our-happy-cat.com/kitten-care.html

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5 week old kitten won't eat
by: Theresa

I have a part Manx 5 week old kitten.I have her mom too.there were three babies. 1 died shortly after it was born. Mystik the male kitten died last night.your me and my husband up. Moochy seems to be doing fine.she does drink water and if I force feed a little can good she'll take it.but she won't eat on her own.the monks stopped feeding Moochy and her brother about a week ago.she also went into heat again. the only thing the momma,Keira, will do is clean her.I'm afraid Moochy will die like mystik did.any suggestions?

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