6 week old kittens suddenly having trouble walking.

by C. Frazier
(Tampa, FLorida)

I have four 6 week old kittens. They have all been inside since day one. Yesterday they were all running and playing as they usually do and then late last night I noticed one of them favoring a front paw when he walked. I figured maybe it was from playing too rough with other kittens and didnt think much more of it till this morning. I got up and now two of the kittens are having trouble walking. It looks like one favors one front paw and the other kinda hops on both back legs and favors a paw but hard to determine which one. Both are sleeping a lot. They want to be held and they both kinda shiver all over like they are cold or something. They both feel warmer body temp wise to the touch compared to the other two. They will try and walk about and go to the box, they clean and groom themselves but are much less active than normal.

They eat wet food, are kept in a kennel at night and use a litter box. they also still try and nurse on mom who is allowed to go outside during the day. She spends more time away form them than with them now as they are almost all the way weaned. The other two kittens seem fine they still run and play. The only changes made recently was I ran out of the iams kitten canned food i usually feed them and had to make due with a couple of cans of friskies wet cat food. They also have a bowl of purina kitten chow available to them though out the day. I am usually home with them all the time and i keep a eye on them and can not think of anything they might have gotten into or anything. I am really concerned. We have been though a lot with this litter and the vet we use is closed until tomorrow. Any advice suggestions anything would be appreciated.

Answer by Kate
well it sounds to me like they may be coming down with a cold or perhaps cat flu. this can make the muscles feel achy and a cat will often appear to be limping due to the stiffness.


keep the kittens comfortable and make sure they get plenty of fluids. i think a vet visit is advisable after that as if it is cat flu it can be rather nasty and it is bets to get a proper diagnosis and advice to prevent any further complications, especially as kittens can be rather susceptible to illness etc.

i hope they are ok and better soon

best wishes kate

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kittens with same symptoms
by: Marianne

Hi, I am fostering a litter of 4 kittens and their mom, I've had them since birth and they are 4 weeks now. As of last night 2 of the kittens started exhibiting the same symptoms you described in your post. Did your kittens get better and did they find out the cause for the limping and shaking?

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