6yr old male is not accepting a new 6Mo female.

by Jean Paul
(Mexico city)

Hello. i have them in separate rooms, each with its own food/wat/litterbox i kept the house the same for the old one and gave a little room for the new one. i let the olf one smell under the door, but when i go feed the new one. the old one, jus jumps in my bed and gets under the covers, as he does when someone he doesnt know comes in the house.

i let them look at each other a little bit cracking the door, and the old cat just hissed away, something he had never done before.
im afraid for my old cat, i do not want him to stop eating.he has not done so, but im really worried, and i definately want them to at least tolerate each other. ( when i am to go to the other one i always re feed the bowls even if they are full,to let them both now, there is not to be a food fight). pls help.

Jean Paul.

You need to take the introduction process one step further. Ie let them be in the same room but with one in a carrier and then swap. this process is described in more detail on my page here


best wishes kate

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