7 month old female cat suddenly weeing in door mats

by Kerry Painter

My 7 month old kitten Roxy was spayed about 1 month ago but has recovered well from her operation. We got her when she was 8 weeks old and she was litter trained. We have never had any problems until now. Last night she went to the mat by the back door- in full view of myself so it's not a secretive area - squatted down and had a wee.

I cleaned it up, told her off and thought she was just 'misbehaving'. She went to do the same again a little later on so i rushed towards her and she ran off but went straigt to the rug at the front door and squatted there instead.
She is the only cat we have. There is only me and my partner - who are at work all day but she gets lots of love when we get home.
Her litter tray is not close to her food and it is cleaned out everyday.
Do you have an advice?
Does she just want more attention?
We love her to bits but want to knock this in the head before it becomes a problem.

Answer from Kate

It might be worth getting her checked over by a vet just in case she has a urine infection, this can sometimes cause this to happen. If not then it could be that anouther cat has been prowling around outside the door and she can smell them and she is marking that area herself. When cats urinate they are not nisbehaving it is alwasy caused by something else. Please read my pages about urination problems for some other suggestions.

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