7 month old flame point siamese who bites

by katie
(toronto, ontario)

We got our flame point siamese kitten 2 weeks ago from abandoned cats. He is 7 months old. He can be extremely loving and affectionate. However, he is also very playful, and tends to bite and charge and jump while playing. Also, when he is annoyed he will bite. Is this normal behaviour, will he grow out of it, and how do we discourage him from biting? I find it a bit unsettling as I have small kids - we always have children in and out of the house. Thanks for your help.

Answer by Kate
yes this is normal behavior but one which he should have learned by now not to carry out on people. usually a kitten learns from its siblings and mother about play i.e biting is not on etc.
he simply has not learned his lesson.

When playing with your cat never use your hands or feet as bait always use a toy. this helps to distinguish hands etc as non toys.

When he does bite you must get up and walk away from him straight away, don't shout at him or look at him simply walk quickly away and do not interact with him again for at least 10 minutes. this is a negative response and he will eventually learn then when he bites he gets a negative response. see my page about this for more details here


All your family will need to follow these rules to help stop the problem.

best wishes Kate

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4 yrs old
by: Anonymous

i adopted my flamepoint from a non kill shelter and he is very loving but he also bites. he does not bite hard he just nips or sometimes he rubs his incisor tooth against you. he will do this if you are ignoring him when he wants food (which is always) and he will sometimes run up and bite your ankle. he never bites that hard so it doesn't bother me but i have little children and that scares them sometimes. he is very playful and loves to snuggle. i think the biting is a way to communicate they want attention along with the loud meowing. i dont know how mine developed this habit since i did not raise him as a kitten, but i don't think he plans to stop anytime soon. and i usually ignore him or put him outside when he gets too annoying, but it doesn't deter him the next time. he just likes to bite i guess.

by: Anonymous

I also have a flame point simese that will ocassionally nip ie: I am bent over the tub washing my hair and he will bite my rear. I will follow your suggestions with negative feedback. He follows me everywhere and has to be sitting or lying near me. Of all my cats, he is the most mischevious.

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