7 month old male kitten terriorizes 14 yr old female cat

by Brenda Scott
(Flowood, MS USA)

My 7 month old male kitten Rascal lives to terriorize my 15 yr old cat Sunshine, who is frail and spends her time sleeping & eating. He is now old enough to be fixed but don't think that would help. He does not do this to the other 2 cats, male & female but will jump on Sunshine at every opportunity whether she's asleep, eating, in my lap, etc. I have tried water gun, putting in garage, laundry room, etc, but as soon as he gets out he starts again. He also is no longer the sweet lap kitten he was, he loves to wrestle with the dogs and is a large cat to be so young. I'm at my wits end, knowing it just time before he either hurting Sunshine or running her off. The cats have a doggie/cat door and come & go as they please to the back yard. Rascal will not go further than the back yard and the rest of the time is running us all crazy trying to keep him from Sunshine. I'm at the point of giving him up before we are all stressed to the limit.


Answer from Kate
having him neutered will help, maybe not straight away but once his hormone level has dropped he will no longer be so aggressive etc. However you have to remember he is a kitten and playing is high on his agenda.

he obviously enjoys the company of this particular cat the most and his actions may not be aggressive at all but his idea of fun and only a game. This is normal behavior and what will normally happen is the cat who is being attacked so to speak will either put up with it or retaliate. I know as I have been through this experience before.

If I were you i would have him neutered and then keep him separate for a few days and then start to re introduce him to the other cats again in a controlled safe manner ie with you there. Play games with them all at the same time to try and distract them from playing with each other and to try and build bonds between them all.

Has you imagine there are no simple or quick answers to this but please me assured that this behavior is normal and that your older cat will make her own decision as to how she will react to his attentions.

best wishes KAte

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