7 week old kitten - sore mouth

by Neil Kyle
(Paisley, Scotland)

I am buying a Burmese kitten from a very respectable breeder, who has just called me to say that the kittens mouth has been bothering her.

The kitten is only 7 weeks old so apparently this is unusual as it's not until roughly 4 months that the kitten will do this when teething. The breeder has been to the vets and asked many of her fellow breeders about this, but they are all at a loss. Then, on Friday, the kitten seemed fine and is now not bothered at all by her mouth.

We are being the careful with the kitten we choose as we lost our one year old kitten last year to FIP, so don't want to get stung and are doing all the research we can. This research has led us to this breeder and we would prefer a girl cat as we feel they wander less when outside.

Do you have any idea what may have caused the kitten to be in and about its' mouth like this this early on in its' life?

Any help will be greatly appreciated! We are also phoning our own vet and seeking advice elsewhere. I'll happily let you know what we find. We are visiting the kitten on Saturday again so I would love to have as much info as I can going there.

Thanks in advance,


well if the vet and an experienced breeder is unsure of what it could be, all i can assume is that it may be some sort of allergy reaction.

you have not given me much to go on regarding the symptoms exactly. So i am not sure what bothering actually entails.

yes I would be very interested to know what your vet says about this and if he has any ideas. then i will be able to pass this on if someone else asks me in the future.

Hope you can find an answer soon

best wishes kate

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