8 Month Female Cat Constantly Crying/Singing/Meowing loudly and strangely until given attention

by Sara
(New York City)

Why is my cat making these very strange crying/singing/meowing shouts. She stops when I touch her, but once i go back to my own business she does it again. Or she'll even leave the room and do it far away--so it doesnt seem to be exactly for attention as some websites say. She went to the vet two days ago and got a few mandatory shots, drops for worms, and got prodded (in the butt) which must have all been very uncomfortable for her. But she won't stop crying! And apparently shes been making these noises last week too, according to my cat sitter (I was away last week). Could it be simply hormonal/mating cries? Is she old enough for that? She does have worms, so could it be from those? She also seems to be licking her privates and scratching often. Please give me any answers!

Answer from KAte
Hi yes she certainly is old enough to be in heat


So yes it could be this.

Also if she is in some distress caused by the worms then this too could be causing this although less likely but possible. In which case as the worms are treated she should settle down.

But my guess is that she is in heat.

best wishes Kate

Comments for 8 Month Female Cat Constantly Crying/Singing/Meowing loudly and strangely until given attention

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by: Anonymous

hello, my cat does the sam, she is 6 months,
i went to the vets with her, and it turned out she had come into season, if you do not want kittens dont let her out and take her too the vets to get nuetered,

hope this is helpful

by: tonya

my cat maxx does the same thing but i dont know what to do?????either he actually humps my covers when he thinks im not looking and he cries when he see a female cat out side

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