8 year old calico cat

by Peggie
(Winston Salem, NC USA)

We have 2 cats, sisters, 7 and 8 years old, spayed, declawed. They are inside cats. The calico has recently run outside when we come in or out of the house and runs for the grass, eats the grass and then of course I put her back inside. Isn't this odd? Neither one has ever wanted to run outside before.

Answer by KAte
Cats are essentially wild animals at heart and even if they become domesticated still retain all their cat instincts.

Being free to roam outside , hunt etc is a natural behavior to them so the desire to go out is always there, some cats pursue it more though.

Also eating grass is a natural cat behavior, it is believed that they do it to help them to be sick if they are feeling unwell.

I don't think it is unusual for your cat to suddenly want to go outside especially if they are feeling a little under the weather and want to get to some grass.

Make sure your cats have plenty of fresh water to drink, it may be that he has a hairball which he is trying to shift.


best wishes Kate

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