8yr old female tabby peeing on carpet

tabby cat

tabby cat

My eight year old female tabby (Shadow) has been peeing on the carpet in various places. We have three cats altogether, Shadow is the oldest. All these years we have only had one large cat box for the three. We did clean the cat box often. Most of the time we would just dump the litter and replace it with new litter, with three cats you had to. We had the cat box in he closet of our office room with the door always open. But in the last few months she has been peeing on the carpet in different spots around the room. Every time she peed we would clean it up with carpet pet cleaner and try to place an object over the spot so she wouldnt see or smell the spot. After a couple of weeks of that not working, we got another cat box. We got the carpets cleaned in the office by a professional and shut that room off to the cats. We placed the old large cat box on the other side of the house in our room and placed the new cat box in our guest room closet(room she hadnt peed in). The cats have been using both litter boxes very well. Shadow hadnt had an accident in about a week, until tonight. She went pee in the guest bedroom closet about 7 inches away from the cat box! We are not sure what to do. We are out of ideas. We dont think she has a UTI because she can go to the restroom just fine. What do you think we should do? Thank you for your help!


Well as you know in these cases it can be tricky finding the root cause of the issue.
Basically there are two possible causes, a illness or some sort or behavioral issues down to anxiety and bout something in the home. The trouble is sometimes it is difficult to identify these triggers.

My advice would first rule out any possible health issue with a vet trip. It may be that she does have a uti problem which could also be causing her some anxiety.

If the vet eels she is fine all you can do is to try and give your cat some re training and some time out at the same time to try and help her relax. this process is described here

Hope she is better soon

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