9 week old kitten in pain. dunno what to do

by Nicole fay
(Madisonville, Ky)

i just got my kitten like a week ago. she seemed to have a infection in her eye, but i wiped out the stuff every day a few times a day and thought she'd be ok. Well, now she doesn't wanna play or anything. she still eats and drinks and uses the bathroom. But, she cries when i touch her ears and her eye is still gross. i dont have the money for the vet right now. what can i do..

Answer by Kate
i don't know what to say. This is going to sound harsh but why did you get a kitten if you are unable to pay for medical treatment for them? they will need vaccinations and neutering within the first four months of their lives and this will cost. So I am not sure how you thought you were going to take care of them,
Ok lecture over and I don't mean to lecture I really don't, but your kitten is sick and there are no miracle cures when it comes to infections apart from antibiotics and medical care from a vet.
Can I suggest that you contact a local animal shelter or animal charity in your area and see if they can help you with medical costs etc. There are animal charities all over the country so there should be one near by. Please try to get your kitten to a vet as soon as possible as kittens can go down hill fast if they do not receive fast medical attention.

Best wishes to you I hope you find help soon

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kitten in pain
by: Tracy

My cat just had the same issue with his eye. We ended up having to take him to the vet and it cost $100. We got some ointment that we had to put on his eyelid twice a day and in three days it was cleared right up. Vets are so expensive. Do you have anyone you could borrow the money from? My mom paid for it and I will pay her back. Thank God for mom or I don't know what I would do. I know you were probably just giving your sweet kitty a good home and we never think about them getting sick or we hope it doesn't happen. I have a 3 year old cat named Bootsie who my boyfriend rescued from a abandoned house and we just took in a kitten who my boyfriend rescued from the same house.One thing I always know is that the kitty has to be fixed and get shots. I go to this mobile unit called TEAM. I am in CT. They are cheaper than a regular vet. It costs like $75 to get the cat fixed, shots and they check the kitty to make sure there is nothing wrong. Like ear mites, fleas etc......

I hope you can find some help for your kitty. I will pray for your kitty.

Tracy from CT

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