9 year old cat acting strange

by angelina
(Chicago )

Hi we have a 9 yr old kitty, he got a cold from our new kitten who was on antibiotics for a uri it cleared up and our 9 yr old cat got the sneezing part of it so we have him on antibiotics now and he threw up two times this morning and slept allday for 9 hours he is acting wierd and won't eat or drink so I am worried about him. I picked him up to take him to his food and water dishes and he ran really fast uner the bed and was all scared of our kids who he usually loves so I was curious why he is acting this way? Is it due to the cold? I wasn't sure if the vomiting today might be from the antibiotics. Thankyou for your help.

Answer by KAte
Hi yes if a cat is feeling unwell the last thing they want is to be fussed they like to take themselves off and be quite and alone.

i don't know if you have taken this older cat to see the vet or not. the danger with sever colds or cat flu is that they can become dehydrated very quickly and this can kill. So it is important that he gets some fluid. You may have to use a pipette if he will not drink on his own. Also if you can get him to a vets to make sure that his treatment is adequate.

Your cat needs somewhere warm and cosy and quiet so that he can recover in his own time.

best wishes Kate

I do have a web page about cat flu which you may find of further interest here


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by: Angelina

Thankyou Kate he seems better this morning, he is drinking alot of water and he ate too. Also he keeps playing with the kitten so I am happy he seems better.

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