9 year old male cat not going

Relaxed Cat

Relaxed Cat


my 9 year old male cat has problems with his bathroom.

4 days ago he started scooting his but across the kitchen floor and his stool is hard and small, the next day i noticed his anus red and protruding out and he had vomit his morning food once and ate his supper ok. i only feed him 1 can of cat food a day (half in the am and half in the pm) plus cat vitamins.

the following day he started scooting across the floor again and only two pea size BM was in his litter. all day Friday he hasn't gone to the bathroom, only to pee once about 9pm., but i notice he coughed up a fur ball. Saturday no poop in the litter or pee when i get up in the morning.he tells me with his eyes and non stop meows, he changes his tone to let me know he is not feeling well and is uncomfortable. this is a holiday and the vet will be open on Tuesday, they were booked up on wed, thurs and fri.

I haven't seen any parasites and i have been looking for the past few days.
i just want to know what i can do until i can get him to the vet Tuesday.
he is an indoor cat 24/7.

Answer by Kate
please read my cat constipation page under the cat heath section here on this site, it will give you some suggestions as to what to do, but i would still take him to the vet even if he does manage to go, just to be on the safe side. dehydration is the worst thing and trying to get them to drink more will help.


Constipated Cat by: Anonymous

I have found that a small saucer of milk
will relieve my cat's constipation. Don't give
too much or his stool will become too loose. My
cat is 16 and this works well for him. Other than
milk, a small piece of cheese can also work.
hard stool.

Drinks A Good Amount Of Water by: Anonymous

hard stool but drinks a normal amount of water

comment by kate

May need more fluid in his diet and possibly some lubrication see here

See my page about Constipation for more information

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