9 years old cat yowling all the time

by Dan Wilson

I have a female cat who is around 9 years old. She is spayed. She used to meow a little when she wanted food or attention and this was fine, but recently over the last month she has randomly got very very vocal and will not stop yowling constantly. She will come into a room yowling, then sit by you yowling and will not stop. She used to get the message when we were busy and gave up after a minute or so but now she will not give in? I love cats and having her around but this has now started to drive me crazy as I cannot get on with day to day stuff without her bothering me 24/7, PLEASE HELP!

Answer by Kate
umm 9 years old. well this would suggest to me that it could be the early signs of either old age or a over attachment to you.

However in either case it is difficult to stop the yowling.

If it is over attachment then the only answer is to ignore the cries always (hard I know) this after a time will give the cat the message that yowling does not get them the attention they are after. please see my web page about this here https://www.our-happy-cat.com/cat-social-behavior.html

If it is the first signs of old age (my own cat has become more vocal over the years) then unfortunately there is not much you can do apart from trying to make sure that they have lots to do around the home to keep them occupied and amused. i also have a page about senior cats which may be of interest here https://www.our-happy-cat.com/senior-cat.html

Basically excessive meowing is either a learned behaviour which is tough to change or is age related.

Be strong, i know it is hard there are days when my own patience is tested with my cat, when it gets too much we either put her outside or in another room.

best wishes Kate

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