A Kitty Who Needs Love - A Cat Rescue Story

by Chantelle

I'm just your average person, a woman who wanted to have peace and quiet time in her life until I found the perfect companion to be with me. There was a day when I was just minding my own business, then when I saw a cat looking at his brother at the middle of the street. I looked at the street and saw his brother lying down on the ground dead and is probably being hit by a car.

I was sad and looked at the poor kitten that was skinny, a lot of his fur gone, too many fleas, and his one eye is coated with I don't know what. I was near him and he didn't even move a muscle and only keeps looking at the street where his brother lay. I started mimicking a cat voice to get his attention and he looked at me, with a fear and sad look in his face. To my surprise he walked to the highway to get to his brother, and we all know how dangerous the street was. The kitten was frightened and rather wanted to die along with his brother so I grabbed him before a car can get to him.

He was struggling as I held him in my arms. I think he has encountered difficult times with other people. So I went home with a fighting kitty, scratching and wanted to get away from me but I wanted him to be safe and not let him end like his brother. I put him in a warm box and fed him with warm milk using a dropper. He did kept his noise down and later on he was sound asleep.

A few weeks later, he endured all the pain that he had in the past and recovered. Now, he is a happy jolly cat and every time I went out to buy something he always accompanies me. When, I need to go to a place that pets aren't allowed I locked him inside the house just to keep him safe and away from harm.

Today, he is already a 6 month old cat and he is a great addition to my life. Thanks to him, I have someone to play with when I'm alone. I've named him Tap-Ingon because of his face, to me the name is special and so does my cat.

Comment from Kate
What a great story, bless you for looking after this poor kitty.

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