A pregnant cat being aggressive to our new puppy

by Jenna
(St. louis, mo)

I dont know why she is being so agreessive to our new puppy.. We give her attention when we put the puppy up but its to the point we have to make sure they arent both lose or she will go after the puppy or to get her off she launches after me if I break the fight up... I just dont know how to keep this from happening and why she acts like she is doing now.. I dont want to get a rid of her while she is pregnant but I dont want to let her keep doing this...I just dont want her to hurt my kids.. Please help and let me know how to handle this...

Answer by kate
it sounds like your female cat is feeling anxuious about the puppy with the imminent arrival of her kittens. Ie in the wild she would be trying to drive off anything that could harm her brood. So her behavior is completely normal.

If I were you i would consider keeping them apart until after the kittens are born and then to go through a period of reintroduction see this page https://www.our-happy-cat.com/introducing-cats.html

Sometimes whena cat gets very near to giving birth she will become increasingly affectionate and attentive and so her behavior may change then anyway.

I wouldn't worry about your children as long as they don't interfere with her too much at this time just to be on the safe side. cats very raraly get into fights unless it is vital mostly it will be hissing and growling to warn off anything.

Hopefully once her kittens are born and she has settled down and realises that her kittens are safe, all will be well. :)

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