A Safe New Year Wish For Our Cats - Cat Photo Contest Entry

by Mike Pruitt
(Van Nuys California USA)

His perky self!! Scarppy

His perky self!! Scarppy

Hello, my name is Mike, and I'm a devoted "Cat Lover", for I bare the "tattoo" on my arm that reads; "Soldier 4 Animals". I currently have 3 cats, the newest one, Scrappy, I'm introducing to my existing 2 as we speak!, and that's how i stumbled upon your great site!. I'm looking' for some "pointers" on how to introduce a new cat to my other 2!, and thanks by the way, I'm in my bedroom with a cat carrier, now with the its door open, and Scrappy is just laying there staring at me!!, he seems comfortable, his eyes are closing, for he's sleepy!.

To give a quick back-ground on him, I've actually had him for about a year now, I've had him at my work! We have a big warehouse and he had full run of the place!. He found us for the most part, he was a stray/feral 6 mouth old at the most, he's going' on 1 1/2 now. Had him fixed and he has had the "main 3" important shots, Feline -Distemper, Rabies, and I think its called a "De-wormer", and something for fleas {which he didn't have anyways}.

So, your asking' why did I bring him home? Well, the "street" my work is on, is to damn busy, and the cars/trucks that go by, drive to darn fast for my liking. Scrappy, as he gets older it seems, is getting "braver", and "bolder", spunkier and just flat out "full of it", and he runs across the street to the other side where there's grass/dirt, 2 main ingredients a cat loves! It effects my "work performance" always staying "alert" and aware of him making sure he stays on our side. I'd trick him to come back inside by tapping a can of cat food with a spoon. I feed him afterwards, so I trained him quickly, so he'd come running' right way to eat. But for me it was so he's out of harms way!..it was just all driving' me nuts! I said to heck with it, I'm taking' him home, even if it's just a "Lay Over" till I can find him a good home, in a "residential" area, but, if things can go well with the "3", I may keep him.

Thank you for this wonderful website, and I'll keep you posted on Scrappy's status!..Happy Holidays to all!!..sincerely yours, Michael...

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