A Stray Cat And A Stressed Pet, What To Do

A bit of strange title I guess but it sums up what is currently happening at home right now.

You see we have a new stray cat that has been turning up over the last few months and lately it has become very regular to the point that he is sneaking into our hearts. DANGER!

Aubrey The Stray Cat

Ok let's tell you about Aubrey, yes we have given him a name, well you have to when they turn up every day don't you. Aubrey is a male tom cat, who by the looks of him isn't that old, perhaps 2 years old. His teeth are good and generally he looks OK.

For a stray un-neutered male cat he has to be the most chilled out and non aggressive cat I know. He doesn't hiss at our cats, or chase them; in fact he greets them with a little mew and bumps noses with them when they let him. He will roll on his back and lay near them in the garden, in fact he really is trying so hard to fit in and become a part of the family.

Except he never stays long and then off he goes on his wanders. He hates to be locked in the house and rather prefers to be the roaming hobo.

Our problem is we simply cannot afford to look after another cat. He needs to be neutered and vaccinated and to have pet insurance if we were to become his family and we simply do not have the extra cash.

So we feed him and have given him some flea treatment and even some ear mite treatment as he shakes his head a lot, while we ponder as what to do for him.

At the moment he seems happy enough and if we can we will try to find somewhere that will neuter him. He definitely loves to roam and I feel that his life isn't so bad at the moment, but the moment we see him suffer in any way (injury or ill health we will make sure we take him somewhere for treatment and to find him a new home).

Stressed Shelley

We have another problem too related to the Aubrey the stray. Shelley, our normally very chilled out cat has begun to display signs of stress. He has always used food as a comforter and lately since Aubrey has been turning up, we have noticed that he has put on much more weight and is eating all the time.

He is also very jumpy and on edge and is looking around all the time. We find it hard to understand as he has never had a fight with Aubrey and they seem to get along just fine. But we guess that Aubrey is scent marking around the area and this must be upsetting our Shelley.

So we have been giving Shelley a lot more of our time. We play games with him much more, have bought some new toys and we are planning to buy a Feliway Spray to help relax him in the home. Hopefully all these things will help to reassure him that this is still his home and that he has nothing to worry about. But the sooner we can get Aubrey Neutered the better we think.

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