Abby the very Lucky Kitten

by Linn Neth
(Bradenton Fl.)

Abby the kitten

Abby the kitten

Let me just start by saying I am one of the many cat lady's in this world. Don't get me wrong I love all animals but I have a very big soft spot for cats. I have feral cats where I work and feed them every day ( all have been altered). I have people that stop and say,“We see you feeding the cats all the time,” sometimes they drop off food which is greatly appreciated.

So over the many years I have rescued cats and kittens, to many to count. Some have been dropped off some people bring them to me, somehow a lot of people know about Linn the cat lady. So this one particular day this couple that cleans up for me around the complex comes in with this kitten that is in really bad shape from being hit by a car. I call my daughter who works at a vet clinic and explain what happened. I know I can't afford the surgeries needed, but I don't want the kitten to suffer so I tell my daughter that she will probably have to be euthanized. So I take the kitten to the clinic where my daughter works, and she tells me they will check her out and if it's not too bad maybe they can save her. She calls me a couple of hours later and tells me she has a hip dislocated and both knees are fractured, and she needs to have surgery by a specialist. My heart sinks I know we can't afford the surgery she needs, so I tell my daughter we have no choice but to euthanize her, I know she must be in great pain with her injuries. We are both sad about the choice but feel we have no other options. My daughter calls me back and tells me Dr. Wally is going to call the Animal ER in Sarasota where he sends lots of his patients that need special surgery. So they tell us to bring her in and they will see what they can do. We get her there and while we are waiting to see the surgeon, I'm petting the kitten and she starts to purr. I get tears in my eyes and I tell my daughter Nicole I can't believe she is purring and is so sweet with all of the injuries she has. So they take her back to examine her and the surgeon comes back a few minutes later and tells us she needs extensive surgery and is very expensive, but they will help us.

The surgeon explains that she might still lose her leg later if the hip doesn't stay in place, and she will need a second surgery to replace the pins in her knees later in on. We tell him we understand and are so happy that she is getting the surgeries she needs. Nicole has decided she will keep the kitten which she named Abigail, Abby for short. Abby had the surgeries and recovered and is doing great, she plays and acts just like any kitten. I know Abby used at least one of her nine lives if not two, one by surviving the car hitting her and the second by not being euthanized. My daughter and I are so grateful that we were helped by Dr. Wally and the Animal ER. I knew the surgeon was a cat person like me when he looked at Abby and said I love kitties and save them when I can.

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