about the experiences with my 2 cats;

(ashtabula ohio 44004)

my names nancy from ashtabula ohio.ive had my babie since they were born.ive got 1 cat that will not touch catfood.ive tryed everything there just about is.he likes meat.myhusband says.i should call a vet to ask if theres some kind meat flavored catfood.also.my other cat peluche.ive noticed lately,his poop really smells bad.and like if im sitting at mycomputer.peluche will walk up to me lookup at me and meow.myhusband says its because hes spoiled.is it true that becuz im a worry wart when i notice mycats aint feeling good.i getupset.myhusband says i shouldnt show it in front of the cats becuz they since everything.anyways because of his smell when going no.2 is so bad.myneice told me she gave her cat tuna with oil and it stopped that.is this true?i would appreciate some comments thank you

Answer by KAte

You should only really feed your cats cats food as this is formulated for their nutritional needs. if you only feed them things like tuna they could get sick as it does not contain everything they need.

Please see my web page about cat food for more information on this


Nancy if you are really worried about your cats health i think you should take them to a vets to be sure, It will also stop you worrying about them. the money you pay is really worth it if it helps your cats if they do need health care and if it provides you with peace of mind.

best wishes Kate

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ty kate
by: nancy hernandez

thank you for replying to all my comments.im very sorry for asking so many????? about my cats.they both are very healthy,myhusbands says peluches feces smells bad.because im mixing his food.becuz i have been giving him soft and hardfood.a secretary at a veterinarians office told me.that softfood is actually better than dry.is this true?and i need to know is there a chicken flavored dry catfood.that simba the non catfood eating cat would eat.i dont know why he wont eat catfood.my sisters telling me its becuz i was giving him milk.and sometimes humanfood.but if thats the case.why does does my other peluche still eat catfood.i gave him the same.

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