Acclimating two kittens into our home with two adult cats

Gracie, our special needs kitten

Gracie, our special needs kitten

We just adopted two kittens (one is special needs). They are both in separate rooms in our home. We adopted Gracie on 2/24 and Alli on 2/25. When and how should we introduce them to each other and to the other two adult cats we have?

Gracie was a rescue kitty found by a dumpster in our downtown city left in the freezing cold, below zero temperatures in mid-December. A lady (angel) trapped her and brought her to a vet. All Cats Rescue (also angels) took her in and cared for her. She had frost-bite on both ears and her tail. She lost the tips of her ears over Christmas break and all but three inches of her tail in January. In addition to severe frost-bite, she had ear mites, round-worm, severe eye infection and was malnourished and dehydrated. She does not have her third eyelids. The vet said they never developed. She squints a lot and seldom opens her eyes. We got eye gel drops to lubricate her eyes. When the angels at All Cats Rescue saw her, they cried...they had never seen anything like this. Who could have possibly let this baby with fur suffer so badly and unnecessarily? It is incomprehensible to us.

Gracie is our big blessing. In the few short hours we had her, we have came to know that she is a great snuggler, she loves to be touched, she has a loud, sweet purr, she loves to play with the plush mice we bought her and she has been curiously exploring her new home. She is in our daughters bedroom for now. Baby steps. We want her to feel comfortable and not overwhelmed with all of the changes she's going through right now.

We absolutely love and adore her. We feel she is a gift to our family.

Answer from KAte
Hello you wonderful people, thank the heavens for people like you. Gracie's angel was looking out for her the day you came by I think.

As for introducing cats to each other. It is a fairly simple process but does take some time and effort. The process is described here on my web site

best wishes and I wish you many happy years togeather.


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