acting scared and freaky

by jillian

My cat Sam has been sneaking around and acting like he is scared of everything. He smells the air and the ground and his fur on his back is standing up. Now, he did sniff something that made him very scared and he flipped out and the thing that he sniffed was what made him very freaky. But now he is acting very strange. I don't know if he's hurt or something scary is going on but it is making me quite scared myself. He is meowing like he needs help and sneaking up the stairs very slowly. There is no dog or anyone but him and me in the house. what is making him so frightened? Did he smell something that bad!?

Answer by Kate
Well it does sound like he has smelt something that has made him feel uneasy or worried. Is it at all possible that another cat could have got into the house at some point and your cat has smelt there presence and is trying to find them. This would explain his behavior.

Don't worry too much at this stage my own cat does this to me sometimes and it scares me to death as my imagination goes wild.

If the behavior continues over the next day or so and if you notice any other changes in his behavior like not eating etc then it may be worth getting him checked at the vets just in case something else is wrong, but at this stage it may just be that he has got wind of a scent that has ruffled his fur as it were. cats are very sensitive to smell and they can be affected by it quite dramitically.

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