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My Adoption Story

Why not adopt a cat instead of just buying one from a pet shop or breeder?
The other day, I visited a local cat rescue charity shop. 

You know the sort, filled with second hand clothes and bric-a-brac that local people have donated to help raise money for a good cause! 

This particular shop raises vital funds to help find homes for local abandoned cats.

As well as selling goods to raise money and campaigning in the local press, they use their backroom to temporarily house a few of the rescue cats and kittens.

That way, any visitor to the shop who wants to adopt a cat can see them straight away and hopefully choose to give them a new home.

Then, as I left and walked down the road, we passed a pet shop with a big sign outside letting everyone know that they had some brand new kittens for sale.

"What a strange world we live in!"

So in one shop, they are selling kittens from breeders to anyone who is willing to buy one.

While at the same time, just a hundred yards up the road, a cat rescue charity is desperately trying to find homes for an ever-increasing amount of unwanted cats and kittens that have been abandoned (and some unfortunately very badly treated).

Mad, isn't it! But it's the way things are.

So please, if you or anyone you know is looking to buy a kitten or even an adult cat, please do consider adopting a cat instead.

It could turn out to be one of the best things you ever did!

Our much missed Little Mo from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home 

Adopt A Cat Like My Little Mo

We have now adopted three rescue cats and it has been a wonderful experience every time.

Our first beloved 'Little Mo' was from the famous Battersea Dogs and Cats home.

We had her for a delightful 13 years and despite losing an ear to a tumor, having surgery for thyroid problems and finally succumbing to a broken hip, we believe she genuinely had a happy life with us and we still miss her dearly. 

We got our other two boys, Byron and Shelley, from the RSPCA. Who couldn't have wanted such beautiful animals? But at least whoever had them before, took them to an organisation where they were looked after and found a new and loving home.

Shelley & Byron, re-homed from from the RSPCA

Byron and Shelley have proved to be just as entertaining, loving (and yes, at times worrying, but that's part of the price you pay for caring for an animal) as Little Mo, but in their own unique and wonderful ways.

If you do go ahead with adopting a cat, you will find that you benefit greatly from the affection and companionship of a very grateful kitty.

You will also have the rewarding knowledge that you are doing something vitally important in helping to reduce the numbers of unwanted and abandoned animals that our ever increasing human population is creating.

So why not adopt a cat or a homeless kitten and be prepared for years of happiness!

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