Adoption (cat been nuetered but...)

My cat was nuetered but he still acts like he is spraying but not. You know how they move when they are about to spray. But he does not spray. He is also showing that he wants to mate. He is an indoor cat. But, he is going crazy over this other cat. Is meowing like he is mating. He is a simese mixed.


Answer by Kate
Once a cat is neutered the hormone which causes them to want to mate is not preduced any more so the behavior he is displaying cannot have anything to do with mating.

Siamese cats are sometimes prone to anal gland probelms, this may be why he is displaying the spraying action. It may be worth getting him checked out.
regarding the other cat this is normal behavior, especailly if your indoor siamese cat is a little bored inside. he sounds like he is going crazy because he wants to interact with the other cat even if that interaction is to assert his authority on his territory.
Siamese cats are very intelligent and need lots to keep them active and stimulated. See my page under the cat care pages about indoor cats.

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