adult male cat keeps pooping on my bed

My cat is 7 years old and he has done this before when he was about 2 or 3 where he has pooped on my bed a few times and once he did it while my boyfriend was laying in the bed. The first time he started doing it, he did it for a few weeks straight i think so we finally took him to the vet which the vet said that that was his way of telling us he was sick... which he turned out to have asthma. He stopped the behavior after we put him on pills but through out the years he has done it a few times where the litter was dirty because we were not home, we could tell that. He has started it again 4 days now and it is always on my boyfriends side of the bed... we don't know if something is wrong with him again, he is acting normal, the litter is clean, we use the same litter we always have for years, he does share a litter box with 2 other cats which he always has and we clean it everyday. We wash the sheets with bleach hot water, i clean the mattress , i dont know why he keeps doing it? it's so fustrating to come home everyday having to clean and wash my entire bed! we had just taken all 3 cats for a check up in March. I am certain there is something wrong, if medically,emotionally or litter wise i do have him on a little diet could that be it? but i dont know what?Please help? what can i do to help him fix this problem


Answer by Kate
this sort of behavior can either be caused by ill health or more commonly because the cat feels worried or anxious about something. it is called middening, please see my page about it here

It may be that your cat has decided that he would prefer his own litter tray. cats normally do require their own as the scent of the other cats can put them off. using the bed is a common place as it smells most strongly of you and this helps to make the cat feel secure and so they try to add their scent to yours.

the page has some advice on how you can try to help your cat with this problem if it is caused by behavior rather than illness.

best wishes Kate

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